07th - 09th September 2022 | Vienna

EPICo (European Print Initiatives Collaboration)

EPICo is an informal programme which aims at keeping important print library resources available in a time of wide availability of digital resources.

In Europe there are several national or regional initiatives to preserve, archive and keep available important print research materials. These include repository libraries for print materials, shared or collaborative print journal preservation programmes.

In the first meeting organized by Austrian Shared Archiving at Vienna University Library on 19.11.2015 the participants formulated an agenda:

"We believe that a comprehensive and robust research and information infrastructure is essential for Europe’s wellbeing, now and in the future.

We are concerned that, at a time of unprecedented change in the ways information is collected, stored and disseminated, there is a real danger that some of the important printed resources in our European libraries may be at risk.

In view of this we intend to initiate a number of plans."